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A little about me...

My father taught us to have an appreciation for the outdoors from an early age. Our family would spend time together hiking, swiming, climbing and every once in a while a little hunting and fishing. When I was old enough, my father introduced me to whitewater rafting. I spent much of my teenage years with oars in hand, navigating the wild and scenic rivers of the Pacific Northwest. It was this time on the river that really kick-started my obsession with outdoor gear. Whitewater gear is very specialized and having the right, quality gear can be the difference between making it off the river alive or never coming home.

After moving to Arizona, my passing interest in back country hiking and backpacking intensified. I've spent many years since hiking the rugged back country and exploring canyons many people have never seen. I am always upgrading and testing new gear and now I have a place to share some of my knowledge and experience with my fellow outdoors enthusiasts.

This blog will serve as a Journal of sorts for me to discuss hikes, hiking, backpacking and the gear associated with those activities.

You'll also catch me, from time to time, discussing my personal life and family. My family is important to me. You'll also see me talk about my beautiful and adventurous fiance now and again (mainly because I am so madly in love with the woman I am going to marry that I can't help myself but talk about her).


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